ACL Operative Report: Check

While at the pharmacy picking up my script for the mini pill (a prerequisite to even consider getting Nexplanon implanted), I decided I’d check with the medical records desk to see if they had received my ACL documents from the hospital that had performed the surgery.  They had not.  But today I received a call that they had received them.  I was super excited because the packet contained one of the pieces I needed in the enlisting puzzle.  All I need now is to have my ortho exam on the 1st, obtain the xrays I had done over a week ago, and take it all to my recruiter for him to send off to MEPS.

It’s funny because the packet even has a patient status report where the doctor wrote that I was fit for military duty in 2008.  I suppose that is no longer valid though, just like every other document I had from that time.

Today I have also been planning our very belated honeymoon.  I’m only like 19 months late.  But it’s normal for military couples to not have a honeymoon right after the wedding.  And where C is stationed, he’s only really able to take leave certain times of the year due to the training here.

We’re going to spend a week in San Diego and I’m trying to pack as many activities as I possibly can since we don’t leave post all that often due to the time and distance it takes to get anywhere worth driving.  SeaWorld reinstated their military passes (1 free day for military and up to 3 dependents).  I’m pretty excited since when I checked in May when we were there for the ball, I don’t believe they offered it then.  C wants to go to LegoLand since he’s a kid at heart and I am looking into a wine tasting tour that takes us along the coast in a train.  We’re also planning on catching as many movies in theater as we can.  We don’t leave post for a movie much because we don’t like to leave Luna kenneled for longer than 5 hours or so and it takes an hour and a half just to get to the theater.

Today has been a good day. Productive. Just not in the exercising sense.


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