The Never Ending Story

I thought I’d be hearing good news this week regarding MEPS.  About an hour ago, I received an email from my recruiter.  The message read, “These doctors are pissin me off they want more stuff….”  followed by forwarded email they sent him and an attachment stating the required documents.

Back when I had the ortho exam done, the MAJ put in a referral for me to be looked at by an outside doctor regarding my ability to perform simple PT tasks.  I didn’t think it was something I HAD to do but apparently because it was stated in the report, they need it.  If it’s the same place the MAJ had told me about, it is over 2 hours from where I live.  One way.  But looking at the referral form I received in the mail a week or two ago, it’s a closer location.  But I’m honestly not sure what the purpose is for this particular visit.

I called the number on the referral form and left a message that made me sound like an idiot, probably.  Calling to schedule an appointment for a treatment that I’m not entirely sure what it will entail… yeah, sounded like an idiot.  I left my name, number and mentioned TRICARE… I hope they’ll be able to figure it out.  I’ve never had to use an outside doctor since getting on TRICARE.



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