Air Force BMT Study Tools

I want to be as prepared for basic as possible.  Granted, the point of basic military training (BMT) is to take an average, physically fit civilian and give them all the necessary knowledge to become an airman.  However, there seems to be more of an emphasis to learn some of the necessary things prior to shipping.  At my first DEP call, my recruiter gave me a booklet that has information about proper vs improper relationships with superiors etc while in the DEP as well as memory work.  The memory work consists of the core values, reporting statement, the rank system, Airman’s Creed, Air Force song, facing movements and fitness standards for males and females (with spaces to fill in with the current standards).  So far I have the reporting statement (we have to say it each time we enter the recruiting office) and the Airman’s Creed memorized.


To help me memorize the ranks, I’ve found a quiz on the 550Cord website.  You get more points for answering quickly and, obviously, no points if you answer incorrectly or time runs out.  After each answer, it tells you if you’ve gotten it right or wrong.

All of the information in the DEP guide can be found conveniently on this page.

Aim High Erin is a blog by an airman in the reserves in a dual military relationship.  She has a lot of good information especially in regards to the female BMT perspective.  This page talks specifically about Heading to BMT with links to each blog post regarding that topic.

Here is a article with one female’s perspective of BMT.

And because I’m curious, I’ve even sought out the jobs one can be assigned while at BMT such as Dorm Chief and Latrine Queen.

The Air Force’s birthday is 18 September 1947.


I’ll add more as I find informative links to share. 

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