It’s Shipping Month!

August 1st.  Only a short while longer until I am on my way to Air Force basic military training.  Since my last post I have been visiting with friends and family that I hadn’t seen since last December.  I’ve also been running around town buying everything for my packing list.  I’ll make a separate post for everything I’ll be taking.  I still have one or two things to get still.

I have set up a Facebook group for friends and family to keep in contact while I’m away.  It’ll make it easier for my sister, whom I put in charge of passing along my address to friends.  And everyone will also be able to discuss things without it cluttering my personal page.  Besides, not everyone will probably care to see that stuff in their news feed so it’s mostly family and friends that I’d want writing to me.  A fellow recruit gave me the idea when she told me her mother-in-law created one for her.

Unrelated to my Air Force adventures, today is also my grandfather’s 90th birthday!  Thankfully I’ll be able to see him again before I ship off since I don’t know when the next time I’ll be home will be.


4 thoughts on “It’s Shipping Month!

  1. That’s so exciting! Are you scared at all, or do you feel pretty prepared? Happy Birthday to your grandfather! I bet he has really amazing stories to tell — it’s great that you’re going to see him before you leave. Good luck!

    • Not really too scared. Excited to start things finally. I know I’ll be really anxious when it comes to the flight because I already get anxious when traveling by plane. I’ll just be extra amped up than usual with the anticipation of basic.

      Every once in a while I get a twinge of nerves in my gut but it doesn’t happen that often. The fellow recruit I mentioned in this post leaves next week so that has made it feel a little more real for me.

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