Single Digits!

I’m in the single digits now and I still don’t feel like it’s real.  Not freaking out or anything.  However I am excited to get started.  Basically packed; just need to put everything in the bag.  I still have some more packing to do around the house and to contact self-storage places to compare prices.  When I’m 7 days out, I’m going to take my car to Carmax and get it appraised and plan on selling it the Monday before I leave.  Still so much to get done.  I think it’s completely doable though.

Last Monday I met with the recruiter that would be courtesy shipping me.  I asked SrA S several questions regarding hair since I’m still having some issues with the short neck hairs staying in place.  When I weighed in, as I expected, I was at 141 lbs.  Being home and knowing I’m not going to be able to enjoy food as much, I have certainly been enjoying myself now.  Not where I’d want to be but I know I’ll lose some weight in basic because I’m a slow eater (so that’ll take a little to get used to) and because I typically snack throughout the day.  My max weight limit is 160 lbs so I’m not concerned about that, I just don’t want to go there feeling kind of sluggish.

Last time I ran was this past Wednesday.  I only did 1.5 miles at 13:09.  But later that day, my knee started to feel sore.  Or tight.  Not sure how I’d describe it.  So I started taking Tylenol and decided to skip running on Friday to just rest it until it was better.  Started to feel better on Friday and has since stopped completely but I am still apprehensive.   I got really worried the first two days getting the thought in my head that I might not be able to go!  But I think it’s fine and I probably just need to find a different area to run at that doesn’t have concrete.  That might have been what was making my knee sore.  Hopefully…


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