I’m Back!

It’s been over a month since I graduated from basic.  I have and haven’t had time to make this post.  Mostly it’s been pure laziness.  I’m in tech school currently, for the next several months.  As you may all remember, I came in Open General.  And you all probably want to know what I got, right?  I didn’t get my top choice (pharmacy) but I did get one in my top 10: Medical Laboratory Technician 4T0X1.  I’m very happy with my job.  And I’m glad I got medical instead of intel.

I won’t find out where my phase two PCS location is until probably after Christmas leave and won’t find out my first duty station for a good long while after that.  So I wait.  But for now, life is good. I have to study a lot.  We drew blood the first day of week two in the lab which was exciting and scary all at once but I did well.

In regards to basic, I’ll try to write a separate post specifically about it.  I’ll try to remember as much as I can about it so as to hopefully help anyone looking for information before they ship.  Parts of it was fun but I definitely would not do it again!



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