Last Post

This is my final post before I ship to basic! Everything is packed, car is sold, and several goodbyes made. It has been a hectic day and I was mellow and zen all day until mid-afternoon when the nerves started to set in.

But sitting there in my hotel room I am calm again. I’ve been chatting with my roommate which is also going into the Air Force so that’s pretty cool. I’ll keep this short and sweet since I have a 0430 wake up call. See you in 8.5 weeks!


Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Yesterday I went into the recruiting office to sign my contract.  I am now officially official.  74 days until I ship for BMT.

Today was a friend’s graduation from BMT.  It seems that a lot of our military endeavors have been moving on parallels.  Her last DEP meeting was the same day I had my first.  I received a letter from her at BMT the same day I found out my job and ship date.  We both started our enlistment process with the Army and switched to the Air Force for various reasons.  Signed my contract on the first day of her graduation ceremonies.  Very coincidental but still fun!  I hope to be able to meet up with her some day in the operational Air Force.  Congratulations, Airman S!

May Job List

Got called into the recruiter’s office today.  The jobs list for this month came out and this is what I qualified for that are available this month.  Most are jobs I’m honestly not interested in, unfortunately.  I have to email my recruiter back by the end of the day with my choices.

  • 1N031 Operations Intelligence Specialist
  • 1N131 Geospatial Intelligence
  • 1N231 Signals Intelligence Analyst
  • 1N431 Fusion Analyst
  • 2A636 Aircraft Electrical & Environmental Systems
  • 2A723 Nondestructive Inspection
  • 2F031 Fuels
  • 2S031 Material Management
  • 2T031 Traffic Management
  • 2T231 Air Transportation
  • 2W031 Munitions Systems
  • 2W131 Aircraft Armament Systems Apprentice
  • 2W231 Nuclear Weapons
  • 3D032 Cyber Systems Operations
  • 3D033 Cyber Surety
  • 3E431 Water & Fuel System
  • 3P031 Security Forces
  • 9TA45 Administration Aptitude
  • 9TG43 General Aptitude
  • 9TG58 General Aptitude
  • 9TM44 Mechanical Aptitude
  • 9TM51 Mechanical Aptitude

My final choices were:

  1. 1N131 Geospatial Intelligence
  2. 1N431 Fusion Analyst
  3. 1N231 Signals Intelligence Analyst
  4. 1N031 Operations Intelligence
  5. 3D032 Cyber Systems Operations
  6. 3D033 Cyber Surety
  7. 9TG58 General Aptitude
I should hear back by Tuesday next week.

Future Soldier Blogs

… and Airmen, and Marines…

This post is a shout-out to all the people working hard to join the military branch of their choice.  Follow them and encourage each other.  We all definitely need (and deserve) it!

Air Force

Army (Currently in BCT) (ROTC) (Currently in OSUT) (Currently in BCT)



**If you’d like to have your blog listed, leave a message in the comments section.  Also, if your blog was listed and you’d rather it not, just let me know and I’ll be happy to comply.**


Oh also, May is National Military Appreciation Month.  So there ya’ go.  This post was completely coincidental in being posted on the 1st of May.


Better To Be Prepared…

Today I’m sore from yesterday’s push ups and running the past two days.  It’s funny, perhaps it’s a combination of these things, but I feel that running is toning my legs much more than squatting with 95 lbs.  When I told my husband [C] this, he said, “Don’t let Rip [Mark Rippetoe] hear you say that!”  Well, in all fairness, when I run, I’m carrying much more weight than when I squat with 95 lbs fairly stationary.  Maybe once I advance in weight for squats, and once I become better accustomed to running, I will see it the other way.

Anyway, I’m debating going for a run today or just taking my dog and the dog I’m watching for the day on a long walk (about 4-5 miles).  I’m thinking the latter just to give my knees a break.  Even though I take short strides, running is after all high impact and I don’t want to overdo it too quickly.  Like I said before, I haven’t been running consistently in the past.

Here’s an interesting article that breaks down what happens to your body during a run.  Thought I’d pass it on to my readers.  If you’re struggling with your runs, keep pushing.  It’ll get better in time.  This is both a self-reminder and one to all of you!  And if you’re interested, here’s another one that goes more into dopamine.

Truth be told, I’ve been horribly slacking on studying for the ASVAB.  I know, I know!  Putting it off will get me nowhere except maybe a MOS I don’t want.  I was always the put-it-off-til-the-last-minute type of student.  Cramming just adds unnecessary stress and I won’t remember half the stuff immediately after taking the ASVAB if that’s how I go about things.