Whole New Direction

I have been MIA for quite some time now.  There are several reasons for that.  In December, my husband and I filed for divorce.  Due to that decision, I put enlisting in the Army on hold.  Since then, I’ve moved to Arizona.  On February 12th, I met with an Air Force recruiter.  She gave me a packet to fill out and I returned it on the 25th.  Today I scheduled my MEPS visit for a week from tomorrow.  Due to tracking all my medical documentation down for the Army last year, I had everything I needed to enlist into the Air Force and this process has been quite quick and seamless.

Since I last posted, I’ve lost weight (I’m now down to 135 lbs) and have maintained a consistent running schedule.  Today I ran my fastest 2 mile run in forever (17:53) but still need to increase my pace.  I think I will add in a day of interval running and see how I progress with that.

I’m racing the clock to ship to basic before my 28th birthday.  I turn 27 in July so I do have time but depending on the AFSC that I get/ship date/and how long I’m in DEP, I could be cutting it close.  But I’m glad how quickly things have progressed so far.  The Army recruiter that I had in CA did not seem all that interested in doing all he could to get me in but my current recruiter, despite my age and the time constraint, seemed as though she would help me to the best of her ability.  I’m very happy so far with my decision.   


Workout Log (9)

I keep a “to-do” list on my phone.  For the longest time, I had “Pass APFT” on there.  Today, I am very happy to say that I crossed that off my list!  *insert crazy person happy dance here… too tired to actually do so*

PR_APFTI’ll let this picture do the talking.  If you click on it, you’ll see two previous test results with today’s at the top.  Pass!  And you know what?  That’s only 90 points away from a perfect score.  I think I’ll get there.  With a little extra work and some time.

I tried something a little different with my push ups today.  Instead of pumping out as many as I could before needing a break (front lean rest position), I did 5 at a time, taking a rest in between up until I could only do 2 and then 1 at a time.  Not sure I liked that since it takes some out of me just to be in the rest position.  I kind of like the idea of just getting as many as I can and then two at a time until I can’t do any more.


As for my run, you can see I did it on the track again.  Since I’m having trouble knowing when exactly to stop, I’ve changed the setting on MapMyRun from minutes (it updated me every 5 minutes with my distance, pace, and time) to distance (it should now update me every mile).  It’s next to impossible to see the screen outside in the sun and before I could hit the pause button, the screen went blank and that little extra time kept running.  So from my computer I looked at exactly the 2 mile mark and it said 18:34.


Here’s proof!

I’m glad I pushed myself to run until I was finished.  That’s right, boys and girls, this moi didn’t walk.  It was still an incredibly slow pace but now I have no excuse to walk for the next time.

Now that I got that out of the way, I can focus on studying, cleaning and getting to the clinic.  I need to get a release form so that my previous doctor’s office can fax over my medical documents since I cannot seem to find those anywhere despite my mom saying she gave them to me prior to me getting married and moving out here.  I’m going to need them so I don’t have to get every shot under the sun and the biggest reason; because I tore my ACL in 2004 and had surgery for that.  I know I had those documents when I enlisted with the Marines in 2008 but they seem to have gone missing.  I do have an appointment set up to have a physical to be cleared that way, just in case I can’t find the original documents.  But the hunt continues for those because I know it will only help to have them.


Workout Log (7)

For today’s workout I decided to go ahead and do another PT test.  C thinks I should start doing it once a week to see how I improve.  I’ll probably aim to do that since it will force me to run 2 miles more often than what I’ve been doing.  To pass the pt test, I need to get at least a 60 in each section giving me a score of 180.  But even though today’s score came out to be 189, since I failed the sit ups, I still failed the overall test.  Didn’t know that before but good to know.

mapmyrunI improved my push up score by two since the last time (28).  My sit ups decreased at 44 (I really need to just do sit ups every day).  And for my 2 mile run, I went to the track instead of running through the neighborhood.  I liked it because I was able to zone out and not worry about hills or crossing streets.  I’m glad that my run did improve (mostly because I didn’t have to deal with the incline and hills that I have to deal with on my normal route.  I lost track of how many laps I completed and went a little over 2 miles.  I completed my 2 mile at 19:28.  That’s 3 minutes off from the last test!

The rest of the day I’ll spend studying for the ASVAB.  I take it on Tuesday so I’m hoping that I’m as prepared as I can possibly be.  Wish me luck!  I’m not completely sure what MOS I want but once I know my scores, I should have a better idea as to what jobs I qualify for and taking time to learn about the ones that interest me the most.


Log Workout (5)

Today I did the first PT test I’ve done since December of last year.  It can easily be summed up in one word:  FAILED.  But that’s okay.  I still need to run consistently and do more sit ups. But I have at least advanced with my push ups.  I’m not expecting much since I have yet to still find my workout groove and do everything consistently.

mapmyrun6My push ups went from 19 on 2012DEC30 to 26 today.  That gives me a score of 72.  I increased by two since the last test to 50 on the sit ups.  A score of 60.  And my run was once again terrible.  I came in at 22:28; one second more than last time.  That’s a score of 31.  Kind of bummed there wasn’t even any improvement there but I’m honestly not surprised.  My total score is a failing 163.

This is the first workout since Thursday February 28.  Yesterday I spent about the whole day cleaning the house.  From about 9am when C left for work til about 1730 to finally sit down and study.  And I mean cleaning the house.  Used the Bissell carpet cleaner to shampoo the carpets.  Everything was going great for the first half of the living room.  Until the vacuum decided to leak the cleaner into a puddle on the carpet while I was waiting for the first half to dry a bit before moving the furniture onto it to finish the second half.  Now there’s two puddle marks that I need to figure out how I’m going to get out.  Cleaned the baseboards in the living room and half-bath.  Cleaned that as well.  Thoroughly.  I think this counts as a workout in itself.

Walked Luna for about 2 miles on two short walks.  The first time was only to the mailbox to drop off a birthday card I should have put in the mail yesterday.  The second walk was a little over 1.5 miles in a huge square.  Figured she deserved a walk since we’re leaving her home alone while we go to a Hail & Fairwell tonight.

So since this post is already fairly random, I’ll go ahead and put this in.  I recently found a recipe for whey protein pancakes.  Sounds unusual but they turned out pretty good.  I followed the Apple Strawberry Blueberry Protein Pancakes recipe but used chocolate whey  protein powder instead, omitted the blueberries since we didn’t have any, and substituted the coconut flour for almond flour.  I think the next time I make them, I’ll use the blender to insure the apple is fully blended into the mix.

And to wrap this post up (rambled on long enough), today marks my husband and my (legal ceremony) 2 year anniversary.  And he definitely surprised me with flowers and chocolate covered strawberries.  I think a girl could get used to this.  But it gets better.  We have a trip coming up that I’ll post about once we’re back from it.


Workout Log (3)

MapMyRun has an interesting feature called “Live”.  It allows you to have people track your walk, run, hike, whatever while you’re doing it.  I’ve had it set to be on and off on various workouts with seemingly no one tracking.  When I went on my run, I didn’t notice whether or not the setting was on.  I decided since I was sans dog, I would listen to Pandora.  With my ear-buds in, I thought I heard someone saying my name but I shrugged it off since I don’t know anyone in that part of the neighborhood.

mapmyrun2On my way back after doing about 1.7 miles, I saw in a distance an older woman waiting outside.  Again, I shrugged it off.  Until she turned toward me as I got closer and started clapping.  Cool.  A nice lady that likes to cheer on random, struggling runners.  So I politely thanked her.  But then she spoke.  “Are you (insert my name)?”  Okay… this is weird.  “Yeah.”  Then she goes, “I’m tracking you!”  And holds up her phone.  I kinda laughed and kept running.  I still cannot decide if this is funny or kind of creepy.

I don’t know what it was but I moved slower than the last time I did the 2 mile.  I don’t really care that it took me 22:16 to complete.  The fact of the matter is that I did complete it.  I went out and ran and I’m glad I did.

After finishing my run, I walked a bit before going home to cool down.  Then it was the dog’s turn.  Together we walked about 1.6 miles.  In total today with walk and walk/run I burned about 350 calories.


Workout Log (1)

Today I did the Rittr Labs app for push ups and sit ups before going for a 2 mile run using MapMyRun.

Push up sets: 10, 10, 12, 10, 10, 8 = 60

Sit up sets: 28, 26, 29, 28, 28, 26 = 165

MapMyRun’s gps wasn’t working on my phone but I thought I’d be able to at least track the time with my normal 2 mile route.  It gave me the option to manually add the other information and I thought it saved.  Apparently not.  It was around 21:something minutes.  Which is still bad but I don’t really run regularly.  So once I start doing that, I’ll be able to conquer the hills with less difficulty and run the entire thing without walking parts.  So that’s my goal within a goal.