May 9th

I have a date for the ASVAB.  May 9th.  Hopefully all works out this time.  SSG H believes everything has been worked out.  Just in time for the ball that weekend.  I almost don’t believe that I’ll actually be able to take it.


Aside from that news and taking Luna for a walk, I decided to test out something that would help prevent her from barking.  I found a blog that talks about training your dog and read a particular post that talked about “reactive behavior” and preventing it.  Even though I read it a couple days ago, I hadn’t gotten around to actually doing the little project until today.


Humans: 1 Dogs: 0


I kind of like the “frosted” look and so far it’s actually doing the job nicely.  She came inside a couple times from the backyard excited because there was probably a dog being walked near the front of the house that she wanted to get a better look at… and to bark at.  Well, she got to the front room and realized she couldn’t see out the windows.  After doing that a couple times, I think she gave up.  Now if only I had learned about this sooner.  It would have definitely saved my sanity.  I wish I could do something like this for the backyard fence.


Today’s Grand (Mis)Adventure

As you may have seen in previous posts, I was scheduled for the ASVAB… Well, let me start from the beginning.

Woke up around 0500 and got myself ready.  I left the house at 0610 and made my way off post.  It did not even occur to me that there might be school buses driving off post for the high school students.  I got lucky and was stuck behind one going 45 mph in a 60 mph zone with minimal passing lanes and oncoming traffic so heavy, passing that way wasn’t an option.  But I was patient and waited for my chance, which happened after the bus stopped to let students on.  Another car behind got right up on me obviously wanting to go faster.

I have only had one speeding ticket and do not plan to receive any more.  So I try to stay at the speed limit or 5 over.  And no more than 10 over if possible.

They pass, speed off, and I continue on my way.  Probably 10 minutes later, I see the same car pulled over by a cop.  I laughed inwardly to myself because being pulled over definitely did not get them where they were going any faster than if they had gone the speed limit or a little faster.  Not 80+.  Sweet justice!  Crazy and/or bad drivers is one of my pet peeves.

Anyway, I get to the recruiting station right around 0730.  I see two other cars with people sitting in them so I waited around in my car figuring the office was probably locked.  Around 0740 I decide to get out and check.  Locked.  So I go back to my car to wait.  Not too much longer a car pulls up right next to mine and a recruiter gets out.  I still hang back until one of the guys that had been waiting in one of the two cars comes out from the office toward my car.  I opened my door to see what he had to say knowing it’d be to inform me that I could go inside.

The three of us wait inside while the recruiter pulls up some paperwork.  We each are called up to confirm our social security numbers on the sheet and sign in three places.  Before we left, we were handed those sheets folded into an envelope with our last names written on the front.  We then leave and get into one of the government vehicles and head off stopping first at a gas station nearby.  The guy in the front passenger seat got out to smoke while the recruiter filled the tank.  The guy in the back seat with me started to talk to me by introducing himself and then asking if I had taken the ASVAB before.  Beyond that, the trip was quiet.   Well, except for the recruiter singing somewhat quietly to the radio.

About 45 minutes later, we arrive at the school where we were scheduled to take the test.  Before sending us into the room, the recruiter handed each of us his business card.  Thank goodness for that!  I’ll get to that in a second.  I go in and take a seat until the guy proctoring the test calls me up.  I hand him my photo ID, social security card and the envelope from the recruiting station.  A minute later and the guy tells me I’m not on his roster for today and that I wouldn’t be able to take the test.  My reaction was something along the lines of a confused “Oh really?”  I walk out of the room, pull out the business card and call the recruiter’s cell phone.  He’s just as surprised as I am.  He comes back into the building and makes a few calls.  He then tells me that it was a “failed projection.”

Thankfully he was nice enough to take me back to the recruiting station instead of making me wait 3 hours for the two others to finish since I drive an hour just to get to the station.  I was able to ask a few questions about jobs and various other things on the drive back so at least my day wasn’t completely wasted… right?  We get back to the recruiting station and I’m rescheduled to take the test for next Tuesday.  I like to look at the silver lining of this that I get another week to study.  And I’m honestly not surprised something like this happened because, well, we’re dealing with the military here.  You get the “hurry up and wait” and things going wrong for no reason.

And that was my morning.  I made it back on post around 1130 and was confused when the guy at the gate said “good morning” thinking that there was no possible way it could still be morning.  Long morning.  Also, apparently I had to be really elaborate about my morning and write in the present tense… or some weird, mixed up version of it.  Sorry about that.

Stopping to smell the desert wildflowers.

Stopped to smell the desert wildflowers.

mmrAfter all that and a giant burrito for lunch, I took Luna out for a walk.  I grabbed a bag and packed the normal dog walking essentials and her water bottle (has a detachable part to pour the water into for easy lapping) and a bottle for myself.  We completed six miles.  It wasn’t too hot but it was just enough that we took our time and took plenty of breaks for shade and water.  I’m really loving this mid 70° weather.  When it hits triple digits, it won’t be as fun, at least in the middle of the day.


Upon coming home, Luna found her water bowl, drank a little and then laid down beside it.  Poor puppy!  But an entire morning in her kennel made her antsy.  All in all, not the day I foresaw having but not terrible either.


Four Day in Vegas

This weekend my husband and I drove up to Las Vegas for three of the four days he had off.  Wednesday consisted of me packing my bag (and partly his since he didn’t finish before leaving for work), cleaning up the house a bit, taking Luna for a walk and then dropping her off at the kennel on post before C came home and then we were off around 1600.

mapmyrunIt was windy on Wednesday.  So much so that even Luna noticed on our walk.  She kept looking up at me as if to say, “Why are we out here in this?”  Once we made it home from the walk, I got her ready and put her in the car.  Easy enough to do since she loves going places.  Once there, she was not having it.  The lady started to lead her into the back where the kennels are and she avoided the door the best she could.

We arrived in Vegas around 1900.  Not too much excitement there.  We found a lounge to sit at, ordered drinks and found food before calling it a night around 2000 or 2100.  Thursday I had my spa appointment.  I had a body treatment called Goddess of the Sun Ritual followed by a Swedish massage at the South Point spa.  I wish I could do that every day.  Or at the very least once a month.  It was amazing.  And I would have stuck around the spa area to soak in the hot tub or just relax in the lounge but we had a reservation at Maggiano’s with C’s dad and stepmom.

Friday we headed out into town and went to Bass Pro Shop where I found a hip quiver for my arrows (I dabble in archery) and a large Whisker Biscuit (arrow rest) since the small and medium that I have are too small for my arrows, no thanks to the guy at the PSE Archery Pro Shop in Arizona who told me the small would work.  We also went to an outdoor mall where we found a new squeaky stuffed toy for Luna.  I also found a shop that brought me back to that spa feeling that I had the day before.  It’s a little place called Sweet Bubble Bath Confections.  I got a pomegranate peach sugar scrub.  I can’t wait to try it out.  Smells so good!  And the soaps there are way too freaking cute.  Some are shaped like cupcakes and popsicle bars.


Saturday was an incredibly long day.  It didn’t help that the night before we stayed up until about midnight to see Oz in the casino theater.  We woke up at 0600 and left the hotel at 0700.  We made it back on post just in time to pick up Luna from the kennel before 1000 when we were supposed to get her otherwise they would charge us for the full day.  We took some time to relax before heading out to see Gary Sinise and the Lt Dan Band.  That was pretty fun.  They had come before but I had the day wrong and missed them.  And the last time they were supposed to come out last year, Gary was in a car accident and had to cancel.  It was actually a fun show.  I didn’t get any pictures from this since it was after 2100 and my phone probably wouldn’t have gotten very clear shots anyway.

So that’s my weekend in a nutshell.  Didn’t get to go to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign and get my picture in front of it.  I’ve been there a number of times and never gone to do it.  Next time I’m over there, it’s a must.


Rest Day & Future Four Day Plans

Not only was today a rest day, it was also a ‘good news’ kind of day.  C asked if I’d want to spa it up in Vegas during the next four day.  My response?  “Yes yes and more yes!”  Like he’d really need to ask.  I’m so excited now.  We haven’t done anything for a four day in a long time.  The same time that we’ll be there, his dad will be there for business but we’ll be able to meet up for dinner one night.  One of the days we’re there, we’ll spend shopping since we don’t get to do that very often.  Did I mention that I’m excited?

mapmyrun3Rest day or not, I still participated in physical activity.  Took Luna on a 4.18 mile walk which burned 261 calories.  It was a really nice day.  Slightly windy, 59°, sunny.  Luna enjoyed taking a route we haven’t done in quite a while.  She got to smell lots of different things.  Pee everywhere.  And see new people and furry critters.  She is now sleeping on the couch.  Mission accomplished.


Tomorrow I plan to lift heavy things and put them back down. Squats, press, and dead lifts. More on that tomorrow. Should be fun.