Run Time & MEPS (Still Waiting)

Today I went for a mile run on the track.  It was between 0800 and 0900 and already 90 degrees outside.  I accomplished my fastest mile run since using MapMyRun, I think.  I ran it in 8 minutes and 15 seconds.  Pretty impressive considering we ate out all of last week and it wasn’t always the healthiest (we did do a lot of walking while at the parks, though).

I ran last Saturday and Monday morning before we left for San Diego.  Saturday was on the track (8:57) and Monday was through the neighborhood (9:10).  My legs felt heavy and the hills definitely didn’t help my time that day.  I’m looking forward to increasing my time and getting it in the 7 minute range.

The day we left for San Diego, my recruiter called me letting me know MEPS needed another document to which I responded that I would get it to him when I returned in a week since he forgot I told him I’d be gone.  Today I went to the patient administration division office to get the xray interpretation document, scanned it into a PDF and emailed to him.  So hopefully now I’m in the clear to go to MEPS for the physical.  Fingers crossed.  Before our vacation, I was down to 144 lbs.  I’m hoping I’ll be back down to that, at least, before going.  I’m back up to my body’s comfortable 149… but it’s time to break that comfort level.  I’m going to try running more regularly from now on.


Workout Log (15)

Tuesday – Lower Body

Recumbent Bike: 5 minutes, resistance 8

Barbell Squat: 45#x8 Warm-Up, 75#x8, 8, 8

Stiff Legged DL: 65#x8, 8, 8

Leg Extensions: [Start 4#] +50#x8, 8, 8

Lying Leg Curls: 30#x8, 8, 8

Standing Seated Calf Raises: [Start 60#] +25#x12, 12, 12

Lying Leg Raises: 15, 13, 13

Exercise Ball Crunches: 15, 15, 15

Recumbent Bike: 5 min, 5 resistance; 5 min, 8 resistance; Cool-Down: 5 min, 1 resistance


Walked Luna.  Would have gone longer but it was hot and she has an ear ache so I didn’t want to strain her too much.



May 9th

I have a date for the ASVAB.  May 9th.  Hopefully all works out this time.  SSG H believes everything has been worked out.  Just in time for the ball that weekend.  I almost don’t believe that I’ll actually be able to take it.


Aside from that news and taking Luna for a walk, I decided to test out something that would help prevent her from barking.  I found a blog that talks about training your dog and read a particular post that talked about “reactive behavior” and preventing it.  Even though I read it a couple days ago, I hadn’t gotten around to actually doing the little project until today.


Humans: 1 Dogs: 0


I kind of like the “frosted” look and so far it’s actually doing the job nicely.  She came inside a couple times from the backyard excited because there was probably a dog being walked near the front of the house that she wanted to get a better look at… and to bark at.  Well, she got to the front room and realized she couldn’t see out the windows.  After doing that a couple times, I think she gave up.  Now if only I had learned about this sooner.  It would have definitely saved my sanity.  I wish I could do something like this for the backyard fence.


Workout Log (11)

This morning I weighed myself at 145.8!  Helloooo 145.  Well, basically 146.  But it has been a while since I even last saw that number.  Doesn’t seem like much but a few changes have made a difference.  Eating better and being more active.  And so far so good.

Today’s workout was lower body.  As mentioned in Workout Log (10), I followed the same routine but for Tuesday.  First I warmed up for 5 minutes on the recumbent bike at resistance 8.

Barbell Squat: (45#x 8 warm-up) 65#x8, 8, 8

Stiff-Legged Dead Lift: 65#x8, 8, 8

Leg Extensions: 50#x8, 8, 8    [This piece of equipment had a sticker that said “Start 4 lbs”… not sure if that means I add 4# to my weight for the total or not.  If anyone knows, please leave a comment so I know for future reference.  The seated calf raise was the same but with 60# start.]

Lying Leg Curls: 30#x8, 9, 9

Standing Calf Raises (did seated today): 20#x12, 12, 12   [+60#??]

Lying Leg Raises: 12, 12, 12

Exercise Ball Crunches: 15, 15, 15

I finished with 10 minutes on the recumbent bike alternating between resistance 8 and 3 with a 5 minute cool-down at resistance 1.


We took longer on our walk because I ran into one of my friends walking her baby and dog.  It was nice catching up.  The weather was nice for the walk.  Sunny, slight wind but warm.



Workout Log (10)

Today is a day I can actually be proud of.  Why?  It was the first time in about a year since I had been to the gym.  It felt great considering I’m sick.  Well, C thinks I may have allergies.  Possible but I’m hoping it’s just a cold as I originally suspected.  But my mom told me she was around my age when she started having seasonal allergies.

I decided I would start doing Jamie Eason’s Female Fitness Bible.  So far I really enjoy it.  Monday is Upper Body.

Recumbent Bike: 5 minute warm-up, Resistance: 8

Bench Press: 30#x12, 40#x12, 12

Bent Over Barbell Row: 40#x12, 12, 12

Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 15#x12, 12, 9

Skull Crushers: 30#x10, 10, 10

Barbell Curl: 30#x12, 9, 9

Recumbent Bike: 15 minutes intervals, Resistance: 3, 8

Recumbent Bike: 5 minute cool-down, Resistance: 1

04-22After I got home and had a protein shake, I took Luna for a 3.6 mile walk.  Pretty hot out today.

Didn’t realize how many days it’s been since I last posted.  Not really workouts but here are my MapMyRun walks and run.  Same day that I ran, I also did the Rittr Labs app for sit ups.  The sets were: 28, 26, 29, 28, 28, 26 = 165.

Yesterday, I did the sit up and push up apps.

Push Up sets: 11, 11, 13, 11, 11, 9 = 66

Sit Up sets: 28, 26, 29, 28, 28, 26 = 165














Now I’m all caught up for the past week.  No news on the ASVAB, yet.


Took The Test… Sike!

First of all, I couldn’t decide if it was “psych” or “sike.”  I liked the look of “sike” better.  Moving on…

In my last post I said I was very likely actually going to be able to take the ASVAB.  Well, that didn’t happen.  I did the same ol’ song and dance of getting up at 0500 and got to the recruiting station by 0730.  There were five other people there (two girls, three guys) and as in the past, we are seen by the recruiter in the order that we arrived.  When it was my turn, I walked to his desk, told him my name and then said, “And the question is: am I on the roster?”

After he tinkered on his computer for a bit and looking at the printout of the MEPS roster, he saw that my name was on there but there was a strike-through on it with SPF and some other three letter mumbo jumbo.  So he called SSgt H.  After they finished talking he explained that the problem very likely (or actually) was that when they requested my MEPS documents from Indianapolis to be pulled, it was moved from Indy to the Los Angeles MEPS BUT it wasn’t switched from Marines to Army.  He said the computer was still showing I “belonged” to the Marines.

So he had me sign the same form that I would have been signing to take to the ASVAB site and made a copy of my social security card and driver’s license to send to MEPS so they can switch from Marines to Army.  I guess.  Hopefully that will clear it all up once and for all so I can finally take the ASVAB.  I believe I’ll most likely be taking it in LA instead of where I’ve been scheduled previously.  The recruiters believe it’ll make it easier to clear up any snafus if one comes up if I’m at the actual MEPS location.  I don’t mind.  It’ll be a later wake-up for me even though I’ll be getting back late.

Afterwards, I headed to Starbucks to kill some time.  The girl behind the counter said I had a very pretty jawline and that my hair cut compliments it well.  That made me feel pretty good about myself.  I have been struggling with liking my hair after I chopped off an unknown amount of inches a few months ago.

After running a couple of errands, I went to David’s Bridal and tried on dresses for the upcoming military ball (tried on about 7 dresses or so).  I ended up getting the first one I tried on.  It’s very elegant.  Much more expensive than I would have wanted to pay but I justified it by reminding myself that I paid only about $70 for the first ball and borrowed a dress for the second ball (free!).  I also hope to get my hair and makeup done because that’s something I didn’t do the other two times and want to look my best.  Who knows when the next time I’ll be able to wear a dress of my choosing to a military ball may be.  Well, that is unless my husband and I don’t end up being in the same unit.  I think women are allowed to wear dresses if they’re attending a ball where they don’t belong to the unit.  Not that I’m worried about that.  I’ll post pictures later when the time comes.

Coming back on post, the gate guard had me pop my trunk.  That was a first for me.  He said “Expect this to happen for a while.”  It has me wondering if this has anything to do with the Boston Marathon bombings and/or the letter tainted with poison sent to a senator.  Though I hadn’t heard about the latter until I got home and turned on the tv.  Kind of a hassle for me since my trunk doesn’t pop with the little lever inside the car anymore.  So I have to turn off the car, get out, and use the key to open it.  I felt a little bad for the people behind me waiting to get through as well.

walkWhen I got home, I took Luna for a walk.  We walked 3.78 miles, burned 318 calories and took a little over an hour to complete.

I found this Facebook page for the LA MEPS.  Looking through the pictures has me pretty excited.


Workout Log (9)

I keep a “to-do” list on my phone.  For the longest time, I had “Pass APFT” on there.  Today, I am very happy to say that I crossed that off my list!  *insert crazy person happy dance here… too tired to actually do so*

PR_APFTI’ll let this picture do the talking.  If you click on it, you’ll see two previous test results with today’s at the top.  Pass!  And you know what?  That’s only 90 points away from a perfect score.  I think I’ll get there.  With a little extra work and some time.

I tried something a little different with my push ups today.  Instead of pumping out as many as I could before needing a break (front lean rest position), I did 5 at a time, taking a rest in between up until I could only do 2 and then 1 at a time.  Not sure I liked that since it takes some out of me just to be in the rest position.  I kind of like the idea of just getting as many as I can and then two at a time until I can’t do any more.


As for my run, you can see I did it on the track again.  Since I’m having trouble knowing when exactly to stop, I’ve changed the setting on MapMyRun from minutes (it updated me every 5 minutes with my distance, pace, and time) to distance (it should now update me every mile).  It’s next to impossible to see the screen outside in the sun and before I could hit the pause button, the screen went blank and that little extra time kept running.  So from my computer I looked at exactly the 2 mile mark and it said 18:34.


Here’s proof!

I’m glad I pushed myself to run until I was finished.  That’s right, boys and girls, this moi didn’t walk.  It was still an incredibly slow pace but now I have no excuse to walk for the next time.

Now that I got that out of the way, I can focus on studying, cleaning and getting to the clinic.  I need to get a release form so that my previous doctor’s office can fax over my medical documents since I cannot seem to find those anywhere despite my mom saying she gave them to me prior to me getting married and moving out here.  I’m going to need them so I don’t have to get every shot under the sun and the biggest reason; because I tore my ACL in 2004 and had surgery for that.  I know I had those documents when I enlisted with the Marines in 2008 but they seem to have gone missing.  I do have an appointment set up to have a physical to be cleared that way, just in case I can’t find the original documents.  But the hunt continues for those because I know it will only help to have them.