MOS Shopping

Decided I should probably start looking into various MOS’s so I am ready when the time comes to pick one.  Now that I have my AFQT percentile score and line scores (Mission Accomplished), I am able to see what I qualify for.  I am also looking into Officer since so many people have asked me about it.  But it seems like I don’t qualify to do any jobs that interest me.  Several are closed to women to begin with and then the medical ones require that particular degree.  We shall see.

Also, I think I may stop posting my workout logs.  Or compile the week’s logs into one post at the end of the week.  I keep all of that stuff in an actual paper journal so there isn’t much reason to post them here.  Unless people like seeing them.  Who knows.

Anyone have any favorite quotes that motivate you (that I haven’t already used in previous posts)?  I draw blanks, have to google some, and haven’t seen a ton I like lately.



Workout Log (18)

Monday – Upper Body (Week 4)

Recumbent Bike: 5 min, 8 resistance

Bench Press: 55#x12, 12, 12

Bent Over Barbell Row: 45#x12, 12, 10

Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 20#x12, 12, 8

Skull Crushers: 30#x12, 12, 12

Barbell Curl: 40#x12, 12, 11

Treadmill: 1 min walking, 15 min jog (5.0 – 5.9 mph), 5 min walk cool-down

Next week I start the second phase of Jamie Eason’s Female Fitness Bible workout.  Which means increased weight and fewer reps.

During weeks 5-8, you will be lifting in the 6-8 rep range. What this means is that you want to complete at least 6 reps but no more than 8 reps for each set.

If you cannot complete 6 reps, then the weight is too heavy and you should decrease the load. If you can complete more than 8 reps, then the weight is too light and you should increase the load. Rest periods are 90 seconds.

Last week, due to taking the ASVAB on Thursday and driving to San Diego on Friday for the ball, I missed out on two workouts.  Lame excuses since I should have thought about it and planned ahead by doing Thursday’s workout on Wednesday and gone to the gym on Thursday to do Friday’s workout even though I was drained.  Traveling almost always equals eating unhealthy fast foods.  We’re going to be doing better now.  Just wish I had been able to get those other two workouts in instead of skipping them altogether to stay on track.


Workout Log (15)

Tuesday – Lower Body

Recumbent Bike: 5 minutes, resistance 8

Barbell Squat: 45#x8 Warm-Up, 75#x8, 8, 8

Stiff Legged DL: 65#x8, 8, 8

Leg Extensions: [Start 4#] +50#x8, 8, 8

Lying Leg Curls: 30#x8, 8, 8

Standing Seated Calf Raises: [Start 60#] +25#x12, 12, 12

Lying Leg Raises: 15, 13, 13

Exercise Ball Crunches: 15, 15, 15

Recumbent Bike: 5 min, 5 resistance; 5 min, 8 resistance; Cool-Down: 5 min, 1 resistance


Walked Luna.  Would have gone longer but it was hot and she has an ear ache so I didn’t want to strain her too much.



May 9th

I have a date for the ASVAB.  May 9th.  Hopefully all works out this time.  SSG H believes everything has been worked out.  Just in time for the ball that weekend.  I almost don’t believe that I’ll actually be able to take it.


Aside from that news and taking Luna for a walk, I decided to test out something that would help prevent her from barking.  I found a blog that talks about training your dog and read a particular post that talked about “reactive behavior” and preventing it.  Even though I read it a couple days ago, I hadn’t gotten around to actually doing the little project until today.


Humans: 1 Dogs: 0


I kind of like the “frosted” look and so far it’s actually doing the job nicely.  She came inside a couple times from the backyard excited because there was probably a dog being walked near the front of the house that she wanted to get a better look at… and to bark at.  Well, she got to the front room and realized she couldn’t see out the windows.  After doing that a couple times, I think she gave up.  Now if only I had learned about this sooner.  It would have definitely saved my sanity.  I wish I could do something like this for the backyard fence.