Whole New Direction

I have been MIA for quite some time now.  There are several reasons for that.  In December, my husband and I filed for divorce.  Due to that decision, I put enlisting in the Army on hold.  Since then, I’ve moved to Arizona.  On February 12th, I met with an Air Force recruiter.  She gave me a packet to fill out and I returned it on the 25th.  Today I scheduled my MEPS visit for a week from tomorrow.  Due to tracking all my medical documentation down for the Army last year, I had everything I needed to enlist into the Air Force and this process has been quite quick and seamless.

Since I last posted, I’ve lost weight (I’m now down to 135 lbs) and have maintained a consistent running schedule.  Today I ran my fastest 2 mile run in forever (17:53) but still need to increase my pace.  I think I will add in a day of interval running and see how I progress with that.

I’m racing the clock to ship to basic before my 28th birthday.  I turn 27 in July so I do have time but depending on the AFSC that I get/ship date/and how long I’m in DEP, I could be cutting it close.  But I’m glad how quickly things have progressed so far.  The Army recruiter that I had in CA did not seem all that interested in doing all he could to get me in but my current recruiter, despite my age and the time constraint, seemed as though she would help me to the best of her ability.  I’m very happy so far with my decision.   

Soon, So Very Soon

While in town yesterday, I stopped by the recruiting office.  I fixed a discrepancy in my packet and talked to my recruiter a bit.  He mentioned that I could possibly be going to MEPS only for the physical portion next week.  I will find out when I call them on Monday.

My husband mentioned wanting to be the one to swear me in, which would be pretty awesome and make it all that more special, but I believe that would have to be something done at MEPS.  I still have some time to find out the answer to that though.

I was told that I will go to MEPS for the physical part only and after I am cleared physically, I will be able to reserve a job with my recruiter at the station.  Since we’ll be dual military, I require a waiver, which hopefully will not take too long to process.  Not quite sure if that paperwork will come prior to attending MEPS or after but I have that to look forward to.

Authorized To Physical

At 1535 today I received an email from my recruiter.  All the body said was “WOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”  Scrolled down and read the email he forwarded and at the top of it said “Authorized to physical.”  Further down it says “This information is provided to complete the record and to notify to continue processing.”

So I’m one step closer.  I think my recruiter has to do a few things and then I’ll be able to be scheduled a time to visit MEPS.

A week ago today I dropped off the medical documents from my last appointment so I guess it was decent time for them to get back to us.

I still haven’t told very many people.  Especially not family.

The Never Ending Story

I thought I’d be hearing good news this week regarding MEPS.  About an hour ago, I received an email from my recruiter.  The message read, “These doctors are pissin me off they want more stuff….”  followed by forwarded email they sent him and an attachment stating the required documents.

Back when I had the ortho exam done, the MAJ put in a referral for me to be looked at by an outside doctor regarding my ability to perform simple PT tasks.  I didn’t think it was something I HAD to do but apparently because it was stated in the report, they need it.  If it’s the same place the MAJ had told me about, it is over 2 hours from where I live.  One way.  But looking at the referral form I received in the mail a week or two ago, it’s a closer location.  But I’m honestly not sure what the purpose is for this particular visit.

I called the number on the referral form and left a message that made me sound like an idiot, probably.  Calling to schedule an appointment for a treatment that I’m not entirely sure what it will entail… yeah, sounded like an idiot.  I left my name, number and mentioned TRICARE… I hope they’ll be able to figure it out.  I’ve never had to use an outside doctor since getting on TRICARE.


Power Outage + Med Prescreen 2.0

July 22: Got an email from SSG H requesting me to fill out a new medical prescreen form.  The one he sent to MEPS was expired so they needed a new one.  Basically just initial next to each x, next to two statements, and sign in 5 spots. Just as I was attempting to send the signed scanned files, the electricity on post went out.  My plans to enlist were once again foiled by technology.

The electricity was out for just over 24 hours.  And thankfully the temperature didn’t exceed about 100° so it could have been much worse.  We were thinking we’d be without power for a couple days longer and the unit even set up a few ice distribution points allowing each family and single soldiers to pick up one bag of ice on  Tuesday morning.

I was sitting out in my car with Luna charging my phone, reading a book and enjoying the a/c when the power came back on Tuesday afternoon.  I wouldn’t have known if C hadn’t texted me asking if our power was back, his was at the office.

Wednesday was my 26th birthday.  I did a few sprints with Luna, went into the house to do some push ups and sit ups and then took her on a mile run.  My run time was about 10:00 but with a minute break more than halfway through for Luna to do her business, it would have been about a 9:00 run.  Then I got ready and drove into town to get the medical prescreen form signed.  I used half a tank of gas to do so.  If I had known C would be in meetings all afternoon and wouldn’t be able to eat lunch, I wouldn’t have picked up lunch for the both of us and hurried home.  Oh well, the form needed to be signed anyway.  SSG H said we should hear in a week or so.

I suppose I ought to start thinking about how I’m going to inform my family about my decision.

For my birthday, C got me a Jawbone Up fitness band that I had been eyeing for a couple weeks.  Pretty excited.  I currently have it set to alert me when I’ve been idle for 30 minutes.  It’s a nice reminder that I should get up and move around a bit.  I met over half my goal (10,000) for steps this morning with a 2 mile walk with Luna this morning. Kind of neat to see progress over the course of a day in a nice little graph.

Screenshot_2013-07-25-12-51-52_zps5a38bf33 Screenshot_2013-07-25-12-52-06_zpsc772d4a1

Run Time & MEPS (Still Waiting)

Today I went for a mile run on the track.  It was between 0800 and 0900 and already 90 degrees outside.  I accomplished my fastest mile run since using MapMyRun, I think.  I ran it in 8 minutes and 15 seconds.  Pretty impressive considering we ate out all of last week and it wasn’t always the healthiest (we did do a lot of walking while at the parks, though).

I ran last Saturday and Monday morning before we left for San Diego.  Saturday was on the track (8:57) and Monday was through the neighborhood (9:10).  My legs felt heavy and the hills definitely didn’t help my time that day.  I’m looking forward to increasing my time and getting it in the 7 minute range.

The day we left for San Diego, my recruiter called me letting me know MEPS needed another document to which I responded that I would get it to him when I returned in a week since he forgot I told him I’d be gone.  Today I went to the patient administration division office to get the xray interpretation document, scanned it into a PDF and emailed to him.  So hopefully now I’m in the clear to go to MEPS for the physical.  Fingers crossed.  Before our vacation, I was down to 144 lbs.  I’m hoping I’ll be back down to that, at least, before going.  I’m back up to my body’s comfortable 149… but it’s time to break that comfort level.  I’m going to try running more regularly from now on.